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Head of the Unit
Mr. Richard Jacob

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The Unit is headed by the head IGU and reports directly to the Rector’s office. Its main responsibility is to promote and coordinating income-generating activities in the Centre. In order to respond fully to this challenge its deemed necessary to separate the management of income-generating activities from the mainstream functions of the Centre, while ensuring that the income from these activities serves the core functions of EASTC. Specifically, the unit will be responsible for:

·         Identify investment opportunities and income generating activities of the Centre from time to time.

·         Promoting, co-coordinating, and providing managerial services for income generating activities within the Centre.

·         Undertake consultancy work, research, production and other income- generating activities and promote and facilitate such activities undertaken by departments and other organs of the Centre.

·         Oversee the processing and implementation of all Public-private partnerships (PPP) projects.

·         Letting and lending out of the institution facilities like

o   Sport fields for different activities.

o   Halls for seminars, short courses, meeting and training sessions

o   Computer lab for specialized training programmes.

·         Search for investors on EASTC land and other assets owned by EASTC

·         Register patents of any inventions and innovations to which the unit will have made a contribution.

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