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Head of Department
Mr. Elisante Heriel Hayuma

The Department is under the leadership of the Head of Official Statistics Department (HOSD) who reports to the Deputy Rector- Academics, Research and Consultancy (DR-ARC). The HOSD’s main responsibility is to assist DR-ARC in overseeing effective delivery of instruction for the following Degree and Non-Degree programmes:

·         Bachelor’s Degree in Official Statistics (NTA Level 8);

·         Bachelor of Business Statistics and Economics (NTA Level 8);

·         Bachelor of Data Science (NTA Level 8);

·         Bachelor of Agricultural Statistics and Economics (NTA Level 8);

·         Ordinary Diploma in Statistics (NTA Level 6);

·         Technician Certificate in Statistics (NTA Level 5);

·         Basic Technician Certificate in Statistics (NTA Level 4);


The Department performs the following activities:-

·         Coordinate the daily conduct of statistics teaching program;

·         Provide advice on all matters related to Statistics as a teaching department;

·         Handle students and academic staff problems and complaints related to teaching;

·         Implement a participatory academic program review in Statistics;

·         Liaise with partners and institutions to maintain academic integrity of the programs;

·         Maintain database of academic progress of students; and

·         Handle all matters related to welfare of students and academic staff in the Department.

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