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Dean of Students
Nyambilila Minga

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Administration of Department is under the Dean of Students. Department has a role of administering the welfare of students, assisting officer responsible for estate (estate officer) in allocation of hostels to students, overseeing students discipline and advise students in all matters related to social and academic affairs. Among other roles the department.

·         In collaboration with other departments prepares and conduct orientation to new students to familiarize with EASTC academic and environment

·         Develop better means of preventions, control and mediations among students conflicts when need arises

·         Look into needs of students and possible problems that may arise in order to prevent conflicts among students and destructions of Institute properties and when need arises report to Institute authority

·         To make sure students abide to Institute bylaws and principles and take proper measures to students who violet the bylaws

·         Follow up on cafeteria services and service providers in contract to make sure food is prepared with good standard and follow hygiene principles

·         Follow up on environment cleanliness and security services provided by the service provider in contract

·         Assist on planning and provide advice to students organization and leaders

·         Assist the Deputy Rector Academic, Research and Consultancy (DR-ARC) on matters relating to student academic and social affairs

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