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To promote the production and use of high quality statistics through training, research and consultancy in statistics for evidence-based decision making in user countries.

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Dr. Tumaini M Katunzi

Message from Rector

Welcome to EASTC! I am delighted to extend a warm invitation to explore our institution. At EASTC, we pride ourselves on our longstanding excellence in training Official and Agricultural Statisticians, as well as offering a diverse range of professional programs and consultancy services. Our campus awaits your visit, where you can immerse yourself in the vibrant EASTC community and witness firsthand strengths and advantages. Our alumni are widely respected across Eastern and Southern Africa, and indeed, throughout the continent, for their expertise in statistics. Choosing EASTC means joining a legacy of excellence and becoming part of a global network of statistical experts. Whether you are embarking on your academic journey or seeking professional growth, EASTC is committed to supporting your success. We warmly welcome you to Team EASTC, where every step you take with us is valued. We look forward to seeing you join our community and benefit from the exceptional services and opportunities EASTC has to offer.

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